Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Hypnobirthing is a wonderful opportunity for you and your birth partner to approach birth with the most positive and relaxed mindset.

It can help women to feel empowered and more in control during labour and birth and it can be a great support whatever kind of birth you are planning to have.  Through hypnosis, women gain more trust in their body to give birth & experience feelings of safety and relaxation. When a woman feels like this, it helps her body to produce all the right hormones so that she has a strong mind-body connection to give birth as calmly and painlessly as possible. 

Hypnobirthing can create an altered state of conscious awareness and involves learning techniques that you can use during labour like:

  • Relaxation

  • Pregnancy and birth affirmations

  • Visualisation

  • Deep breathing

  • Mindfulness and meditation


Hypnobirthing Courses

I offer Hypnobirthing as a one-day intensive course over 2 mornings on Zoom. Or 3 evenings 7 till 9pm. Courses can be for individuals/couples and I run classes for up to 6 couples at a time, ensuring I am able to support fully during the learning process.

Next Course

Natal Hypnotherapy new zoom format:

November Dates: Mondays 8th/15th/22nd 7 till 9:00pm Zoom & Face to face

December Dates: Mondays 6th/13th/20th 7 till 9:00pm Zoom & Face to face

Covid-friendly Fees £90 or £110 including resources

Steph wrote..

"The Winter 2020 Hypnobirthing class with Trudi was a great way to prepare for labour, as well as a warm and welcoming environment to discuss questions and concerns about what is involved. I really enjoyed the fact that partners could join; I liked the way Trudi focused on what the partners were thinking and feeling also and asked them questions about the process I wouldn’t have thought to ask. It gave me a chance to hear how my husband felt about the whole labour process and helped us discuss and prepare for it together, which made me feel well supported.  We had a wonderful group in the class and it was really beneficial to hear the thoughts and feelings of others, which were often shared and made you realise you're not alone. Whilst in hindsight I realise everyone has their own personal experience – it was nice to talk with others preparing for labour. The information and relaxation tools Trudi shared helped me feel more confident and – having now been through the birthing experience - I would recommend this to expectant parents."