Doula Service

I offer a bespoke doula service for both birth and postnatally

A doula offers emotional and practical support to pregnant women and their partners throughout their journey through pregnancy and birth and the early postnatal period. I trained to be a doula with Nurturing Birth and have enjoyed supporting women and their partners over the last 10 years.

I offer Birth doula support from ten days before your due date to two weeks afterwards. I can offer more or less hours, dependant on your personal circumstances.

My service typically includes 2 Antenatal Visits to discuss your wishes, attendance at your birth, where possible,  and two Postnatal Visits, for a fee of £600 and additional visits at a rate of £60 per visit, up to 2 hours. 

I also offer a Postnatal Doula Service and this costs £30 per hour with visits at a minimum of 2 hours to cover travel time. I have supported women who need practical home support to women who need a little more emotional support.