Suite of Services

All services can be bespoke to individual needs or you can join any courses.

New Format Zoom Classes 2021

Natal Hypnotherapy new zoom format:

June 27th Sunday 5pm to 7pm
July 4th Sunday 5pm to 7pm
TBC one 1-hour hypnotherapy relaxation
Fees for the above are £80 per couple

Yoga for Pregnancy face to face from July 6th at Springfield Leisure Centre Corsham The Methuen Room

Classes are Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:15pm

Fees  £8 per class

  • Most Popular

    Natal Hypnotherapy

    Hypno-birthing for you and your partner
    • Physiology of birth
    • Self and partner-led hypnosis
    • Breathing & Relaxation skills for a calmer birth
    • Active birth techniques
    • Use of positive affirmations
    • Psychology of birth, hormones
    • 10 hours of class time and additional support time
  • Antenatal Classes

    10 hours of bespoke antenatal individual sessions
    • 8 hours Antenatal education
    • 2 hour postnatal reunion
    • Constant email/whatsapp support throughout
  • Yoga for Pregnancy

    Yoga for Pregnancy Classes, individual or group
    • 1 hour group classes
    • Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
    • Stretching using yoga-based postures
    • Active birth positions
    • Meeting other local Mums-to-be
  • Birth Doula

    Birth & Postnatal Doula Services bespoke to individuals
    • 2 Antenatal Visits
    • On-call for 10 days before the birth due date up to birth
    • 2 Postnatal Visits
  • Postnatal Doula

    Support for Parents and baby
    • Emotional support for Mum
    • Practical support at home
    • On call daily for phone support
  • Combined Plan

    Hypno-birthing, Antenatal Education, Yoga & Doula
    • Unlimited yoga classes
    • Full hypnobirthing course
    • One to one Antenatal Education 6 hours
    • Birth Doula Service
    • Postnatal Doula Service